10 02 2011

Vision in one eye

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02/10/2011 Suffocation

It seems a lifetime since I last saw The Revelation Painting.  As a sadness that clouds your dreams and visions, I wait patiently for its return.  All the paint and other elements, including the journals are under 2 hours away from me, yet it feels like halfway across the globe.  You have to know what you are looking at and looking for in this world and I am looking at time passing me and looking for a way out.

Wondering if I have been ambushed by some unseen force, I am determined to reunite and complete this massive endeavor.  My focus is currently on the remaining components needed, the drive to become free from my current circumstances, and to realize that as a reasonable person, I am fully capable of moving forward out of this fish bowl in which I am suffocating.  The world seems as though I can only visualize through a monocular lens.

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