Tears of the Warriors

18 01 2014

Tears of The Warriors (The Journal of Visions)

by The Revelation Painting on Saturday, December 31, 2011 at 5:03am

Within The Revelation Painting, there are many significant messages which are subtle and some not so subtle.  These messages make up the very fiber of the canvas from which the painting has been created.  Between Scenes V and VI there is a war amongst the angels in effort to lock up the Devil for 1000 years.  There are many warriors in this section of the painting, including Native Americans, African-Americans and women, to name a few.  The focus of this section is to educate, highlight the plight of these groups of people and to magnify injustices suffered.

Aung San Suu Kyi BURMA




And many, many more!


While researching this section of the painting it was not difficult to see the recurring connection of European Americans (The White Horse) and their roles in the destruction of culture, pride and freedom in the name of progress.  The core of this scene is profound where you will see the wounded fighting for their very lives, as well as unity of groups of humanity desperately trying to hold on to self.  It is a sad and inspiring scene, not meant to glorify or magnify the events, but meant to show the proof of events as they occurred and ultimately to reveal the core of destruction.

Education and accurate history is very important in this section of the painting.  The Revelation Painting is a painting within a painting and the first impression is that you are seeing Revelation of the Bible in the seven scenes.  The angels are warriors of God in battle with the Devil but when you look closely, they begin to look familiar and these historical figures become the angels on earth throughout time who fought against the Devil on earth throughout time.  It is an exciting effort to bring back to life those who paid the ultimate price for what they believed in!

Historical information regarding the warriors will be within the journals associated with this painting, most likely to be found in The Journal of Visions.  This journal was chosen for the “vision” of the people who fought so diligently and for the vision of imagination, honor and justice.  The journal sketches will correspond with the painting where each warrior and their specific story will be illuminated not only within the art, but hopefully within the mind to create understanding, passion and empathy ultimately interweaving our existence with their existence.

We are one human race and a specifically detailed war might not be an agreeable circumstance.  Some may fight for or against the mission of it but the understanding is simply the fight, the passion, the understanding.  If you find that it is an agreeable or not agreeable situation, it does not matter.  What matters is that once we destroy our habitat and one another, we have destroyed self-period.  It is visible in soldiers who return from war with no arms or legs, blinded, psychologically damaged…is war worth human sacrifice when the beauty of life itself is destroyed?

The warriors have shown us, the ones left behind to bask in their efforts, their ultimate sacrifice that WE were worth their very lives, what they fought so valiantly for and yet we have not done much in return, we have not repaid them for that.  We continue to dredge forward always wanting more and more, we take from the earth and offer little in return, we destroy what we have to get what we want, destroy one another, and the ultimate sacrifice becomes a distant historical misfortune…”such an honorable sacrifice so very long ago”, for now there are new issues to tend?


10 02 2011

Vision in one eye

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02/10/2011 Suffocation

It seems a lifetime since I last saw The Revelation Painting.  As a sadness that clouds your dreams and visions, I wait patiently for its return.  All the paint and other elements, including the journals are under 2 hours away from me, yet it feels like halfway across the globe.  You have to know what you are looking at and looking for in this world and I am looking at time passing me and looking for a way out.

Wondering if I have been ambushed by some unseen force, I am determined to reunite and complete this massive endeavor.  My focus is currently on the remaining components needed, the drive to become free from my current circumstances, and to realize that as a reasonable person, I am fully capable of moving forward out of this fish bowl in which I am suffocating.  The world seems as though I can only visualize through a monocular lens.

Hello world!

9 03 2010

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